EVRY Sweden

EVRY is the largest supplier of IT services to small and medium-sized businesses in Sweden. EVRY also has a strong market position in the large company segment as well as in the public sector and a range of private sector industries.

The Swedish market is being driven by the digital transformation that both the private and public sectors are going through. EVRY offers its customers efficient IT operating services, business process modernisation services, and solutions that provide a digital advantage.

Our customers want consultants that have expertise in their industry and what they do. EVRY has in-depth business understanding and technical expertise in most industry verticals. We offer a range of industry-specific solutions and a broad range of services covering consulting, solutions and IT operating services. 

EVRY seeks to use its regional departments to take full responsibility for its customers’ investment in IT, from identifying their requirements to realising the benefits of their investment and following up on the results. 

Our business model meets the market’s strong demand for collaboration partners that have a high level of local industry knowledge whilst also being competitive on price and quality.

EVRY has extensive experience and in-depth expertise in business-critical services, including IT operating services, data storage, applications operations, service desk and network operations including communications.

EVRY Sweden has a unique regional position and offers everything from strategic advice and consulting services through to complete solutions and IT operating services. We are continuing to strengthen and develop our local profile and distinctive business model, reflecting local requirements. EVRY Sweden operates from regional offices in 25 towns and cities and has the delivery capability to serve small, medium-sized and large customers. 

Fredrik Almén took over as the Executive Vice President for EVRY Sweden in November 2015. 

Strategy and focus areas

The EVRY Norway and EVRY Sweden segments became more streamlined in 2015. This means there is now more effective collaboration and cooperation between the countries, not least in relation to the development of their service offerings. EVRY Sweden is intensifying its focus on digital transformation, applications management, business process management solutions, analytics, automation, information logistics, the internet of things and mobility. In order to meet customer demand and to adapt to the market, EVRY Sweden’s outsourcing deliveries will increasingly be provided by EVRY’s Global Delivery unit.

EVRY Sweden’s focus on operating services has been further strengthened by the agreement that EVRY entered into with IBM in October 2015. 

EVRY Sweden is well-positioned for future growth. Our greatest competitive advantage is our ability to combine our strong local knowledge and presence with our group’s international resources for systems development.

Focus areas in the Swedish market

Technology related to mobility can deliver significant commercial benefits. Our objective is to create seamless and competitive mobility solutions that support our customers’ business strategies and needs. EVRY offers lifecycle management solutions that handle everything from procurement and logistics through to distribution, management of IT assets and support. Lifecycle management helps improve efficiency and reduces costs for the customer. Customers in this area include Svevia, Handelsbanken, and the county of Värmland.

Public sector
Digitalisation is a major requirement for the public sector, both to increase its productivity and to improve how it communicates with citizens. Its quality requirements are increasing in parallel with this. EVRY is helping both national and municipal organisations to solve these challenges through modern and efficient IT solutions. Its customers include the Swedish Tax Agency, Vellinge Municipality, the Swedish Energy Authority and the Swedish eHealth Agency.

Healthcare sector
EVRY has extensive experience and unique expertise in the healthcare and welfare sector. We offer integrated services that support both healthcare and welfare bodies and their patients. Our employees offer high-quality IT services and create added value through their in-depth industry expertise. Customers include Sussa (a customer group comprising the counties of Sörmland, Blekinge, Västerbotten and Västernorrland as well as the primary healthcare service in Örebro county), Uppsala University Hospital and the county of Uppsala. 

EVRY has significant expertise in IT security and is an attractive collaboration partner for IT operating services and advanced security services. We possess the knowledge that is needed to develop robust and secure IT environments and ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity. Customers in this area include Sveriges Riksbank (the central bank of Sweden) and the Swedish Defence Material Administration.

EVRY has significant experience and industry knowledge in the retail sector and e-commerce. EVRY Sweden developed, for example, Bilia’s e-commerce solution, which represents one of the largest e-commerce projects ever completed by EVRY. Digitalisation is very high on Bilia’s agenda, and the e-commerce solution was one of the company’s highest-priority projects. Customers in this area include Bilia and Systembolaget.

Primary industries
EVRY has a range of customers in primary industries and is particularly well-positioned in forestry, where we have developed a dedicated industry-specific solution. We help to increase the forestry industry’s competitiveness by providing efficient operations processes and IT solutions that ensure sound management. Customers in this area include Skogsam and Ingarps Trävaror.

Transportation and logistics
EVRY is more than simply a supplier to transport and logistics companies; we are a partner throughout the whole value chain, from business development through to efficiency improvement services. Our industry knowledge in this sector in combination with our expertise in mobility, development and operating services means we are well-positioned in this market segment. Customers include Göteborgs Lastbilscentral and Stockholm Public Transport (SL).

Processing and manufacturing industry
In order to be competitive, processing and manufacturing businesses need to increase their productivity by improving their business processes. IT plays an important role in this work. EVRY is very experienced at helping Swedish industrial companies with innovation and with achieving a faster pace of change, higher productivity and more efficient logistics. Customers include Theofils, Bufab and NCC.