EVRY Operations

Cloud is a strategic enabler of innovation, digitalisation and business transformation. EVRY is increasing its investment in the cloud infrastructure area, which will benefit customers by providing them with faster time-to-market and leading-edge infrastructure solutions. 

Recent surveys carried out by both Gartner and IDC show that most companies have adopted cloud capabilities to a limited extent, with the main driver for this so far having been the desire to improve productivity and reduce costs. Furthermore, seven out of ten businesses report that they will always have a mix of traditional IT and cloud. Hybrid cloud provides higher Return On Investment (ROI) than alternative environments and offers the technological flexibility to support different strategies. Customers also want blended environments in order to improve security and reduce risk. Of key interest to customers is that hybrid cloud offers them the flexibility to make careful choices regarding the workloads and data they move to the cloud and what they keep in a separate environment.

Hybrid cloud can maximize the value of existing infrastructure. However, EVRY expects that in the coming years customers will be seeking to realise business value that is not simply limited to efficiency savings. They will instead be focused on driving innovation and digital business growth through new business models, for example by offering new products and services, entering new markets, and using next-generation initiatives such as cognitive computing and the internet of things.

Accelerated transformation

To enable it to meet future customer requirements now, EVRY has entered into a unique long-term partnership with IBM that will significantly improve EVRY’s infrastructure offering to its customers. 

Under the agreement, EVRY will partner with IBM for the operation of its basic infrastructure platforms, and IBM will play a key role in transforming EVRY’s basic infrastructure services into global platforms using proven methodology and global expertise. 

EVRY will continue to lead the development of value-added infrastructure services and will combine this with IBM’s innovative cloud technology and global scale. 

As part of this accelerated transformation, EVRY will invest more than NOK 500 million to develop the best infrastructure solutions in the Nordics. EVRY’s customers will now be able to access hybrid cloud solutions based on IBM’s SoftLayer platform, which will be installed in EVRY’s datacenter at Fet outside Oslo. This will also provide customers with flexible infrastructure, enabling them to be even more agile in their digitalization work.

Having a leading infrastructure solution is fundamental to EVRY becoming a Nordic champion, as it is the foundation on which we build the solutions that deliver business value and results for our customers. EVRY had already started this transformation journey, but we needed to accelerate the transformation in order to deliver the best infrastructure solutions on the market.

EVRY selected IBM as a global service provider and as a service delivery model for its basic infrastructure business. Customers will benefit from a faster time-to-market for new cloud-based solutions and leading-edge infrastructure platforms. This strategic move allows EVRY to concentrate its efforts on being a customer-centric organisation focused on value-added services and solutions built on leading technology.

EVRY’s broad offering

EVRY helps customers to modernise their legacy systems and to move them to cloud-based environments. Customers moving to a hybrid model want the process to be simple and safe and so seek out advice and best practice. Through its in-depth industry expertise and in-depth technological know-how, EVRY offers ready-to-use cloud solutions. 

EVRY’s approach is based on thoroughly investigating customers’ current services and processes as well as their future needs. EVRY is proud to have served as the cloud transformation partner to a large number of private and public sector organisations and is seen as a leading Nordic provider of cloud services.