People and culture

EVRY works in a targeted way to create a safe, high-quality and inclusive working environment where everyone has the same opportunities. Significant resources are dedicated to competence and career development. In 2015 a survey conducted by Universum in Norway ranked EVRY as the fourth most attractive employer in the IT industry for new graduates. 

Competence development

EVRY took steps in 2015 to further emphasise its focus on competence development. We have designed a training academy for the entire group, known as the EVRY Academy. This creates a stronger connection between important commercial decisions, strategic competence development and the company’s attractiveness as an employer, as well as helping to create a common corporate culture across the Group. The EVRY Academy was launched in March 2015. 

All employees have regular appraisal meetings with their line manager, as part of which their personal and competence development targets are set for the coming year. Personal targets and development plans for each employee are recorded in a competence development system, together with information on the employee’s technical expertise, experience and CV. The Group has established one career model for all employees with six separate job families at five levels.

EVRY endeavours to ensure that all new employees get the best possible start at the Group. An introduction course is held on the first Monday of each month for all new employees, at which they receive a welcome package consisting of information and practical equipment. 

Working environment and employee satisfaction

The Group has a good working environment. The employee satisfaction survey for 2015 yielded a score of 75.3 out of 100 for employee satisfaction. This is slightly weaker than in 2014, but represents a good result in view of the sizeable restructuring measures carried out at EVRY in 2015. 

Key topics for the employee satisfaction survey are the working environment, employee motivation, commitment, management, reputation and engagement with EVRY’s corporate values. The survey leads to the introduction of specific improvement measures. In 2016 simpler surveys will be carried out more frequently.

Inclusive working environment

EVRY strives to create a good working environment that is free of discrimination, whether on grounds of religion, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, functional disability or national or ethnic origin.

The Norwegian part of the Group has entered into an agreement for “Inclusive Working Environment” to strengthen the focus on working environment programs, measures to reduce absence due to sickness, and diversity. The Group collaborates with Telenor Open Mind and routinely offers work experience placements for individuals with disabilities.