Making every day easier for passengers and conductors

Thanks to a mobile ticket-sales solution developed by EVRY, the Norwegian State Railway’s (NSB) Passenger Train Division is digitising the tasks carried out by its conductors. With 1 300 hand-held sales terminals, conductors are able to offer passengers a superior and quicker service.

“High-quality sales solutions are very important to NSB, from the perspective of our customers and our employees and of providing an efficient and secure service”, comments Kristin Kjøge Jansson, who is in charge of digital development at NSB’s Passenger Train Division.

The new, mobile ticket-sales terminals will help NSB to achieve its objectives for customer service, efficient ticket control and payment security. 

Simpler and quicker 

The solution was developed as part of a project between NSB and EVRY. The new ticket-sales solution is in constant use by NSB’s conductors on board trains all over Norway. Feedback reveals that the solution is simpler and quicker to use.

The new solution consists of a new, intuitive sales application specially adapted to the day-to-day needs of conductors. The solution is user-friendly and reliable with regard to selling tickets, scanning travel cards and taking payments. The solution is also connected to the internet, enabling conductors to take payment via all types of payment card.

The contract is part of the Passenger Train Division’s efforts to push forwards with its digital strategy and provide customers with added value.

EVRY is helping to make the public sector more efficient and simpler, and is committed to ensuring the sector’s investment in IT delivers value. Mobile ticket sales give the NSB’s Passenger Train Division a digital boost, and the solution is an excellent example of the value that digitising processes creates both for organisations and for society in general.

The NSB solution was delivered by EVRY in collaboration with Verifone Norway AS and Lexit AS.

Facts about the solution:

  • Payment is taken from the customer’s account immediately
  • A back-up solution is available for stretches of track where reception is poor. Payment transactions are transferred as soon as the solution is back online. 
  • The new mobile terminals can also read QR codes. This makes it quick and simple for conductors to check tickets that customers have printed at home or have on the app, as they can simply scan the code and thereby verify that the ticket is valid.
  • The new solution reads travel cards more quickly than previously.
  • Conductors can use the new solution to print out receipts on location.