Introducing EVRY Strategic Design Lab

The digital transformation is affecting all industries, and many of today’s business models and strategies need to be re-examined. EVRY Strategic Design Lab addresses this by identifying, creating and delivering value for EVRY’s customers through a combination of business development capabilities, industry experience, design thinking and digital muscle.

The changes are coming thick and fast. New competition can come from entirely new directions, and opportunities can arise in entirely new arenas. The challenges businesses face today are consequently more complex, but there is also dramatically greater potential for innovation and growth. Digitalisation is a journey of change that can trans-form every aspect of a business, from its business model and strategy to its employees, partners, and, perhaps most importantly, how its customers perceive their needs, value what is offered, and rate the customer experience.

Digital transformation will affect all aspects of business, from how companies serve their customers to how they develop and market their products and services, as well as how they are organised and run. 

We believe that a design-led approach is the best way for large enterprises to craft their business strategy so as to build sustainable digital advantage in today’s highly disrupted environment.

To support our customers, we have set up EVRY Strategic Design Lab in collaboration with Method, an award-winning world-leader in experience design. Together we are applying design as a tool for rethinking how customers can identify new sources of value and gain a digital advantage.

Design thinking is a problem-solving methodology ideally suited to solving complex business dilemmas. We work at the intersection of business strategy, technology and design, and put the end-customer at the heart of the problems we solve – and the opportunities we create.