Corporate Social Responsibility

EVRY operates IT systems that are critical to society and is committed to minimising its effect on the climate and environment as well as to ensuring compliance with its ethical guidelines. Annual performance targets are set for corporate social responsibility, with the company’s executive management receiving regular reports on progress.

Systems critical to society and data protection

Consequences of information security breaches can be significant for our customers and EVRY as a company. EVRY’s systematic work on information security means it is well-equipped to meet a steadily increasing threat level. We carry out awareness campaigns, participate in the National Security Month initiative and collaborate extensively with the Norwegian National Security Authority, the Norwegian Centre for Information Security, internet service providers and other relevant security teams both in Norway and abroad. EVRY participates in international standardisation work and is certified in accordance with all relevant national and international security standards. EVRY is strongly focused on data protection. We follow international work in the area very closely and work continuously to increase our expertise in the area. 

Climate change and the environment

EVRY develops new solutions and products that help create low-carbon societies, and we are also reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions. The most important measures taken internally at EVRY are energy efficiency measures, digital interaction solutions, reducing business travel, sound procurement policies and waste management with a high level of reuse and recycling.

EVRY is working to consolidate its data centre operations. This involves migrating from older data centres to EVRY’s new data centre at Fet which uses an entirely new and innovative air cooling system to remove waste heat from hardware. The air cooling system, combined with EVRY’s use of modern and low-energy servers, make this one of the most energy efficient and sustainable data centres in the world. 

The efficiency of data centres is measured by reference to their PUE (Power Utilization Efficiency), and EVRY’s new data centre has a PUE factor of 1.1. For comparison, traditional data centres typically have PUE factors of between 1.8 and 2.

EVRY also helps significant environmental gains to be achieved by delivering digital solutions and services that reduce the effect its customers have on the environment. Examples of this include the change to online banking and the eGiro payments system in the banking and finance sector.

In the 2015 CDP Climate Change programme, EVRY achieved 97 out of 100 on Disclosure and B, on a scale from lowest score E to highest score A, on Performance. CDP’s climate change program works to reduce companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change risk. CDP request information on the risks and opportunities of climate from the world’s largest companies on behalf of 827 institutional investor signatories with a combined USD 100 trillion in assets.

EVRY has reduced its CO2 emissions by 50% since 2011, with a reduction of 30% from 2014 to 2015. This is first of all due to energy efficiency programs in serverparks.


EVRY’s Code of Conduct sets the framework for how each employee should relate to customers and business partners, work to create a good and inclusive working fellowship, ensure diversity and contribute to achieving high environmental standards. The Code of Conduct is available on the Group’s website and intranet. All employees read and sign the Code of Conduct each year. EVRY ensures its suppliers adhere to equivalent requirements by requiring them to comply with the EVRY Supplier Code Principles.


EVRY works actively to combat all forms of corruption. E-learning program and training courses are organised to ensure employees are trained to act in accordance with the Group’s guidelines on accepting gifts, travel and other benefits or activities, with training also provided on how to distance oneself from all forms of bribery and corruption. Employees in doubt about whether a particular situation or gift is permissible are also able to seek guidance from the company’s compliance unit.

EVRY has well-established ‘whistle-blower’ arrangements as well as procedures for dealing with suspected corruption at its businesses. EVRY received several whistle-blower notifications in 2015, none of which related to corruption. 

Human Rights

EVRY supports the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related conventions. The company places particular emphasis on protecting the fundamental rights of employees as embodied in the ILO core conventions. EVRY’s Code of Conduct is aligned with the UN’s Global Compact.

EVRY’s suppliers have to satisfy the standards EVRY itself observes in all areas related to corporate social responsibility.


EVRY is certified in accordance with the following standards:

Certification  Business area  Expire date       
ISO 9001-2008  EVRY Norway  2018-09     
  EVRY Operations  2018-11     
  EVRY Financial Services Operations  2016-11     
ISO 27001-2013  EVRY Norway  2018-11     
  EVRY Operations  2018-11     
  EVRY Financial Services Operations  2016-11     
ISO 14001-2004  EVRY Operations (Fornebu and Örebro)  2018-11     
PCI DSS  EVRY Financial Services  2016     

An important part of EVRY’s corporate management system is continuous improvement. Customer feedback on quality is measured and monitored via dedicated customer surveys and by a separate process for customer complaints, with reports produced for senior managers. In 2015 EVRY’s systematic quality work delivered good results, with a reduction seen in the total number of critical incidents.

Governing documents 

Governance information is approved by the company’s executive management and is published via its corporate management system, which is available to all employees.